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Signature Palette 2.0 🎨

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Product description 

Two-day (2) pre-orders are required.  


Taste five best-selling whole cakes in bites! 

Not sure which whole cake to go for? Well, we have got you 😎Experience bliss in every bite with our best-selling signature whole cake in the petit gateau collection - a perfectly crafted dessert that's sure to please your taste buds!

🍈 Yuzu

🌰 Hazelnut

🤍 Tiramisu

🍓 Strawberry Chantilly

🍫 Chocolate Raspberry

5 Petit Gateau in One Set; Each is 3";  BEST consumed within three (3) days. 



1. Vanilla Sponge

2. Japanese Yuzu Confit Gel

3. Almond Praline Croustillant

4. Premium Yuzu Cheese Mousse

5. Glaze

6. Handcrafted Chocolate Deco


1. Hazelnut Sponge

2. Hazelnut Premium Praline

3. Premium Sea salt

4. Premium Smooth caramel

5. Hazelnut croustillant (Crumble Base)

6. Premium Hazelnut mousse

7. Premium Roasted Hazelnut

8. Handcrafted Chocolate Decor


1. Cocoa Sponge

2. Coffees Syrup (Decaffeinated)

3. Hazelnut Praline

4. Italy Galbani *Mascarpone Cheese Mousse

5. Handcrafted Chocolate Decor

Strawberry Chantilly 

1. Vanilla Sponge

2. Strawberry Gel

3. Strawberry Cube 

4. Vanilla mousse

5. Vanilla Chantilly cream

Chocolate Raspberry

1. 70%chocolate sponge 

2. Raspberry Gel

3. Raspberry Curd

4. 70% Fluffy Chocolate Mousse

5. Hazelnut Praline

FAQs upon purchasing

1. Our delivery time has 2 times slot only (From 1 PM - 3PM and 4 PM to 6 PM).

We will have these two slot deliveries only. Drivers deliver to a few places in one trip following a planned route that has been planned. Please opt for self-pickup if you want to receive the cake out of our specific delivery time.

2. Kindly expect earlier arrival times or delays in deliveries.

All orders are scheduled to arrive within the selected time frame. However, drivers may come earlier or later than expected depending on external circumstances such as traffic and weather conditions, and the driver's layover time at a particular stop. Please choose an available time slot that suitable for you.

3. Change of address is NOT allowed if exceeded 24 hours. 

Please take note that we are not allow to change the delivery address after 24 hours from your order time. If you decided to change from delivery to self pick up, the delivery fee that you paid is NOT refundable. Cancellations for confirmed orders are NOT possible but we can delay your order (change delivery date) if you inform earlier. 

4. Second delivery charges.

Please provide us with the correct contact details for delivery. If delivery attempt failed, we will ship the cake back to the stores and customer is able to pick up from stores or arrange for second delivery. There will be charges for second delivery attempt.

5. Receipts are NOT included along with the deliveries.